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Tea Time For Your Needles

Introducing two sets of beautiful stitch markers themed for tea and sweet treat lovers. Did you know that afternoon tea has its origins in 19th-century England? It was introduced by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who found herself feeling hungry between lunch and dinner. To curb her appetite, she began having a light meal with tea and treats around 4 p.m. The tradition caught on, and soon, high society in Britain embraced the delightful practice of afternoon tea. So, the next time you enjoy your scones and cucumber sandwiches, remember that you’re partaking in a charming custom with a fascinating history! What a lovely time to pull out your needles or hook, and craft.

Firefly Notes Tea Set Stitch Markers

Firefly Notes Tea Set Stitch Markers
Introducing an exquisite set of 8 vintage style teacup stitch markers for knitting – the perfect blend of charm and functionality. The "Tea Set" includes a set of 8 whimsical vintage teacup enamel stitch markers. As you embark on your knitting journey, these delightful markers will transport you to a cozy corner of a quaint tea room, where the clinking of porcelain teacups mingles with the gentle click-clack of your knitting needles. Two of each design for a total of 8 markers on black metal 10 mm round rings.

Firefly Notes Bakery Delights Stitch Markers

Firefly Notes Bakery Delights Stitch Markers
Transform your knitting experience into a delightful journey with these Firefly Notes enamel bakery themed stitch marker packs! Elevate your crafting with these charming and functional markers that celebrate the sweet world of baked goods. Whether you're a knitting enthusiast or looking for the perfect gift, these stitch markers are sure to add a sprinkle of joy to your knitting projects.

Package Includes a set of 8 Enamel Stitch Markers:
  • 2 different colored donuts
  • 2 different colored cupcakes
  • 2 Measuring Spoons
  • 2 different colored baking powder.

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