addiClick Bamboo Crochet Hook Accessory Set


The addiClick Bamboo Crochet Hook Accessory Set is intended as an upgrade or “booster pack” to the existing addiClick sets. Each travel pouch contains 8 addi hooks: 3.5mm (US E), 4mm (US F), 4.5mm (US G), 5mm (US H), 5.5mm (US I), 6mm (US J), 7mm (US K), and 8mm (US L). Each hook is 6.5″ long, and can be used as a fixed hook (instead of attaching them to the Click cords). When combined with the Click cords and/or tips, the sets are perfect for double ended crochet, created Cro-Needles, Tunisian crochet (with the addition of the HeartStoppers – sold separately), and much, much more.



How to connect:
Take the cord in one hand and your needle in the other. The cord inserts into the needle and pressing lightly, you’ll feel that there’s a little bounce like a little spring is in there. So, lightly press your needle within the cord, twist it to the right, and you’ll hear that it clicks in place.


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