Bagsmith Bump Volume 2


Bump 2 is a collection of nine patterns for Big Stitch Bump Yarn. Included are the Bobble Cowl, Luxe Cape, the CUSH, Medallion Rug, Bump and Bundle (crocheted) Rug, Double Seed Stitch Rug, Log Cabin Rug (or Throw), Eyelets & Drops Scarf, and the Seed Stitch Super Scarf. All of these patterns are for knitting except for the Bundle and Bump Rug. Needle size is US 50 (25mm) for all knitted patterns except for the CUSH which is worked on US 35 (19mm). The crochet hook needed for the Bump and Bundle Rug is size U (25mm).

Suggested needles are Big Stitch Tools or Addi Turbo Circular in US 36 (20mm) or US 50 (25mm) in 24″-40″ length or Addi Turbo Hook in Size S (19mm).


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