Denise Love 2 Crochet F-J Interchangeable Hook Set


This tidy and petite set is packaged in a simple but durable vinyl case and in addition F to J hook heads includes:

  • 4 cords: 3″, 5″, 9″ and 14″ (7.5 to 35cm) for Tunisian hooks from 8” to 19” (20 to 48cm) or up to 28” (71cm) with cords joined together.
  • 2 end buttons, and 1 extender for cord-to-cord connections.

Love2Crochet sets are interchangeable with all Denise products.

Case dimensions are 5″ x 8.5″ x .5″. Plastic resin hooks are 4 5/8” long. Cords are made with a non-phthalate plasticizer – great for teaching children to crochet!

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