HiyaHiya 8″ Sharp Steel Flyer Sock Gift Set


HiyaHiya Flyers fuse together the best attributes of both circular and double pointed needles.

They bend so you can move aside the ends that are resting, allowing you to work comfortably with the active tips. HiyaHiya Flyers are 8″ long and feature 3″ Sharp Steel tips and a 2″ blue cable.

This Sock Gift Set includes sizes US 1 (2.25mm), US 1.5 (2.5mm), US 2 (2.75mm), and US 2.5 (3mm) HiyaHiya 8” Sharp Steel Flyers packaged in a Circular Needle case.

The case features 26 pockets (9 interior pockets for circulars, 17 interior pockets for double points or crochet hooks and 1 exterior zipper pocket) to conveniently hold circular and double point needles as well as crochet hooks of various lengths and sizes. Made of brocade and cotton, the case measures 8 1/4″ by 4 3/8″ when closed with button and loop closure. Assorted colors.

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