Knitter’s Pride SmartStix Interchangeable Needle Smart Cord

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Another innovative product for knitters – the hi-tech SmartStix are knitting needles and tape measure in one! Cords are marked at 1” intervals, SmartStix help knitters measure their creations on the go. Check gauge and even test the yarn weight. Every cord length is color coded making it easier to find the exact size needed.

Available lengths:

  • 12″ Red Cord to make 20″ IC needle
  • 16″ Blue Cord to make 24″ IC needle
  • 24″ Green Cord to make 32″ IC needle
  • 32″ Pink Cord to make 40″ IC needle
  • 39″ Orange Cord to make 47″ IC needle
  • 52″ Neon Green to make 60″ IC needle

Knitter’s Pride Needle Tips and Cords are interchangeable!

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Knitter’s Pride also known as Knit Pro.

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12" (30cm), 16" (40cm), 24" (61cm), 32" (81cm), 39" (99cm), 52" (132cm)


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