Lazadas Deluxe Blocking Wire Set


This set is a real treat! This set contains the most versatile blocking wires, they work great for straight edge, circular, half-moon and even scalloped shapes. Because of the medium diameter, you can use it for blocking fine lace to chunky yarn projects. You can block two garments at the same time without worries about getting short of wires or T-Pins. Also great for blocking huge objects like blankets. These wires are super elastic, can be bent, but it has the ability to snap back to a straight wire. They won’t rust on your garment, and they are hard enough for long durability.

The set contains:

  • 10 super flexible blocking wires 35” (90 cm) long each
  • 5 super flexible blocking wires 70” (180 cm) long each
  • 60 Nickel plated T-Pins


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