Nancy’s Knit Knacks Scarf Fold-up


The Scarf Fold-up allows scarf knitters to control and manage their scarves while knitting. You simply wrap your scarf around the tool and then stretch the braided elastic strap around the scarf. Because the tool distributes the length (and bulkiness) of the scarf around a 8″ wide by 6″ long area, the scarf becomes very manageable and compact. Since it is being held in place by the elastic, it also remains securely intact. Your scarf edges will not curl up as readily, either. And you are sure to make much use of the other great features of this new tool too:

  • A true 4″ x 4″ stitch and row gauge that makes it easy to check your rows and stitches. Because it has a see-thru window with both US inches and metric measurements, the tool “frames” your knitting allowing you to easily count your rows and stitches.
  • A complete US and metric needle conversion chart gives you handy needle data.
  • Rulers in both 8″ and 20cm make measuring your work easy.

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