Noni Lipstick and Change Sparkle Pattern


This cutie felted bag, like its predecessor, Lipstick and Change, conjures up memories for me of beloved little purses, change purses I used for years, fancy little impractical bags I couldn’t live without and carried tucked away in bigger, less decadent bags, or carried alone to dances, parties, or just because.

Sparkle, simply put, loves shiny things: tinsel, bright lights, facetted stones in bright settings. She, rather than take one thing off before leaving the house, would probably put one more thing on . . . and then maybe one more. And it better be glittery or a little over the top. Other times, she is beautiful in blue jeans and a soft denim shirt, no make-up, tousled hair. Lipstick and Change Sparkle is her only jewelry.

This little bag is adorned with beautiful genuine crystal rhinestone Sparkle Rivets. The pattern is identical to the original Lipstick and Change pattern except that it also includes instructions about how to decorate the finished felted bag with sparkle rivets.

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by Nora J. Bellows

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