Soak Mini Basin Hand-Washing Kit

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A pure, gentle and deliciously scented way to wash the delicate items you care about most. Soak is a gentle, fiber-friendly cleanser formulated for today’s sophisticated sensibilities. It is a biodegradable, no-rinse wash that will leave your item clean and fresh. Each fragrance leaves a hint of freshness (we promise: no overwhelming perfumes).

What is it: The perfect gift to give or to get. This bright little helper likes to focus on the small stuff: masks, bras and swimsuits fit just right in her compact shape. Hand wash in style with this small but mighty Soak system.

Includes: Mini Basin whose dimensions = 12″ (30cm) wide x 4″ (10cm) tall, capacity 1.3 gallons/5 liters, fade resistant, frost resistant, UV resistant, child-safe, food safe, unique beveled edges for easy pouring; and a Full Size Soak (12 oz./375 ml); 75+ washes.

Scent descriptions:

  • Celebration – sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious, this perennial favorite smells like good, clean fun.
  • Fig – fresh-picked clean. Fig is ripened with sweet fig and lychee and crowned by dandelions.
  • Lacey – material girl. Lacey combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.
  • Scentless – for your sensitive side. Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) clean and fragrance-free.
From: $36.00 $29.00


How it works: Just Soak (scrub for masks!) and squeeze. Between washes use your basin to store your face masks and other small items. Soak is the modern way to clean and refresh the laundry you love. Protect your lingerie, swimwear, active wear, scarves, sports bras, baby socks, knitwear, and embellished garments.

For Face Masks: Wash face masks in hot water and scrub for 20 seconds, squeeze and dry.

For Knits: Soak’s gentle formulation is perfect for hand-knits, raw fibers, spinning, and even felting. With contemporary fragrances that smell great, and a no-rinse formulation that’s gentle enough for everything from cashmere and wool to cotton and silk, it is exactly what knitter’s have been looking for to clean their handmade creations.

For Hand-Washables: With soak, people who care about their clothes have a great no-rinse wash solution and an exciting selection of yummy, contemporary scents. It’s perfect for anything that’s hand-washable.

For Lingerie: Soak is ideal for hand-washing delicate lingerie.

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Celebration, Fig, Lacey, Scentless


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