Stitch Diva Ribbon Scarves Pattern

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These stunning scarves can be crocheted at lightning speed and are perfect accessories for spring and summer. They are light and shimmery, appropriate for both day and evening wear.

Along with shawls and ponchos, scarves are the “it” accessory of the season, they transform your ordinary outfit into the extraordinary.

Just check out what the celebs are wearing – chances are that whatever they’re wearing, they’re pairing with a long, dramatic scarf, wrapped once tightly around the neck with ends draping down to the waist, hips or even below the knees!

Reptile Scarf: The slinky green reptile scarf can be crocheted from start to finish in under 2 hours using 100 yards of ribbon and 100 yards of novelty yarn. Long and dramatic – this scarf steals the show!

Wet Ropes Scarf: This scarf can be crocheted in under an hour using only 50 yards each of ribbon yarn and novelty yarn. Well-suited for daytime wear at the office with a power suit, it would look equally stunning with a simple strapless dress for evening wear. The scarf is constructed as a connected series of “ropes” that can be artfully arranged into different drapes around your neck and shoulders.

Lipstick Diva Scarf: This scarf can be crocheted in about 3 hours using 100 yards each of ribbon and novelty yarn. You make a statement with the lipstick diva scarf the moment you enter the room. The scarf is quirky, flirty and fun.


Reptile Scarf
Width = 3″
Length = 81″

Wet Ropes Scarf
Length = Approx 68″

Lipstick Diva Scarf
Width = 3″
Length = Approx 72″

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