The Mindful Collection 5″ Interchangeable Needle Set – Gratitude


Knit one, purl one . . .  a pattern for well being and health. “The rhythmic repetitive movements induce a form of meditation similar to mindfulness.” The ancient art of knitting is known to be a powerful force for health and healing. Multiple research studies have proven what scores of knitters have felt for years: Knitting heals.

The Mindful Collection is defined by Gratitude, a set that is offered in 14 needle sizes. The stainless steel needle tips are offered in a circular fabric case carrying the floral design using the theme colors of the collection. Offered with 6 smart cords (in both swivel and fixed mechanism) with lifeline holes, and an unparalleled selection of accessories that are packed in a detachable multi-purpose pouch. Each needle compartment is labeled with its size so finding or storing the right needle will never be a chore again.

The Gratitude set includes:

  • Needle sizes: 2.5 (3mm), 3 (3.25mm), 4 (3.5mm), 5 (3.75mm), 6 (4mm), 7 (4.5mm), 8 (5mm), 9 (5.5mm), 10 (6mm), 10.5 (6.5mm), 11 (8mm), 13 (9mm), 15 (10mm), and 17 (12mm) – 5″ length
  • 3 Swivel Cords (360 degree rotational): 1 cord to make each of 24″, 32″, and 40″ length needle
  • 3 Fixed Cords: 1 cord to make each of 24″, 32″, and 40″ length needle
  • 6 End Caps
  • 4 Cord Keys
  • 1 pair of Cord Connectors
  • 1 Needle Gauge
  • 2 Darning Needles
  • 10 Locking Stitch Markers
  • 10 Split Stitch Markers
  • 30 Round Stitch Markers

Knitter’s Pride Needle Tips and Cords are interchangeable!


by Knitter’s Pride


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