The Mindful Collection Fixed and Swivel Smart Interchangeable Cables

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The Mindful Collection Smart Interchangeable Cables are so named because they do so many things at once and they do it all so well! These cables are made in a soothing teal color. They are marked at 1” intervals so that measuring is conveniently done on the spot. They are memory free so there’s no annoying twisting. The teal colored wooden end caps carrying the floral print are a delight to use, and the cable keys used for tightening the tips to the cable come with a color coordinated wooden top. The hole to hold the cable key can also be used as a lifeline. Each cord comes with one cord key and 2 end caps.

The cords are available in a Fixed version and a Swivel version with a 360 Degree Swivel!

  • 8″ to make 16″ IC needle
  • 11″ to make 20″ IC needle
  • 14″ to make 24″ IC needle
  • 22″ to make 32″ IC needle
  • 30″ to make 40″ IC needle
  • 37″ to make 47″ IC needle
  • 49″ to make 60″ IC needle
From: $4.00


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KnitPro formerly known as Knitter’s Pride.

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Fixed, Swivel


8" (20 cm), 11" (28cm), 14" (35cm), 22" (55cm), 30" (75cm), 37" (93cm), 49" (125cm)


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